We have inspected your roof and have found wind and/or hail damage.  The following information will guide you through the insurance claim process.


First Step:

Contact your insurance to file a claim and give the following information to in response to their questions.

  • Why are you filing a claim?  Hail and/or wind damage to our roof.
  • How do you know you have damage?  Our Contractor inspected the roof.
  • When did the damage occur?


Second Step:

When the insurance adjuster contacts you, request the following information:

  • Adjuster’s name:         _________________________________
  • Adjuster’s contact number:    ___________________________
  • Your Claim Number:   __________________________________


Third Step:

  • Schedule an appointment with the adjuster to inspect your property.
  • Call us with the time and date of the inspection.  We will meet with the adjuster at your property to show the adjuster the damage and expedite your claim.
  • Give us the adjuster’s information in the second step above.


  • Contact Us: (256) 533-6048


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to working with you.